About Us

Spanish Garden is 100% made in our own manufacturing labs at Valley of the Sun Cosmetics located in Los Angeles, California USA. All development, R&D, formulation, compounding, labeling and filling is done in our high tech facilities to enable us to control our stringent quality procedures and to get the most competitive pricing for our agents that can be passed on to customers and consumers. Spanish Garden has a vast range available for retail and professional use. In skin care we have great lines of creams for whitening, acne, moisturizing, and body slimming. In hair care we have great quality shampoos and conditioners to help hydrate, repair and improve the overall condition.

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients available in the industry; all carefully formulated by our experienced chemists and individually batched by our quality control system to make sure they are in impeccable condition before leaving our facilities. Labels are colorful, elegant and appealing with complete usage directions/ ingredients to provide the consumer full knowledge about the product. Each product is printed with manufacturing and expiration dates.